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How to Sell a Smart Home

Use the Smart HomeSales Checklist for less hassle when buying or selling a smart home. It contains many items that should stay with the home when being transferred.


Smart Home News

Multi-generaltional housing is in demand, for adult children or aging parents needing housing. More smart home products hit the market for Seniors. Leverage technology to help with managing health, safety, and your home.


Did you know there are home security
devices that report to another person?
• Movement (or lack of movement)
• Doors, windows, open, unlocked
• Refrigerator hasn’t been opened

• Emergency lighting
• Cameras and doorbells
• Motion detector lights
• Smart refrigerators will order food

For Smart Home Sales

• Stove Guard Cookstop
• Automatically shuts stove off
• Memory issues • Hearing problems:
didn’t hear the buzzer

• MetriaTM watch monitors blood pressure etc, sends info via an app
• LOK8U “Freedom
Watch” tells caregivers, family if
someone has wandered.


Questions to consider:


How much do you value your health?


How comfortable is your home?


How are you reducing waste and carbon footprint?


How can we leverage technology and science?


How can your home be highly performing?

Smart Homes for Sale

What is a Smart Home?

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Smart Home FAQ's


What Are Indoor Air Quality Sensors?


What Are Smart Doorbells?


What Are Smart Hubs?


What Are Smart Leak Detectors?


What Are Smart Light Switches?


What Are Smart Lights?


What Are Smart Locks?


What Are Smart Plugs & Outlets?


What Are Smart Security Cameras?


What Are Smart Smoke Detectors?


What Are Voice Assistants?




Resource Efficient Home FAQ's


What is a green home?


Buying Efficient Appliances


Home Energy Audits


How to Have Better Indoor Air


Home Insulation & Caulking


How to Green Your Lifestyle


New Generation of Efficient Lighting


Rebates and Incentives for Energy Efficiency


Buying PV Solar Panels


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Do It Yourself Home Energy Checklist

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