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How Earning NAR's Green Designation Can Give You an Advantage in Your Business

With Todd Sumney, HomeSmart Chief Marketing Officer

Are you ready for the future of real estate? In this episode of the Real State Podcast, HomeSmart agent Melisa Camp shares how you can run a sustainable, successful real estate business by earning NAR’s Green Designation. No matter how much you already know about this certification, Melisa’s wisdom is sure to open your eyes to new possibilities that could change the future of your business.


Sustainability is an evolving topic in our culture and in many industries, and real estate is no exception! In this episode, expert Melisa Camp joins Monica to discuss sustainability inside our homes, as well as in the construction of new homes. They talk about new ways to take care of the resources we have, the opportunities in the industry, and how to tend to our health and finances on this journey.

Ten exciting microcourses designed for on-the-go real estate professionals – offered by the Center for REALTOR® Development!


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Diamond Club Awards

Melisa Camp is a licensed Realtor®, GREEN, ABR, PMN with HomeSmart Elite Group since 2008. She's an Instructor & Administrator for Elite Education, and consultant for a sustainable remodeling company, greenhab, in Phoenix, AZ. Camp was one of the first Realtors in the country to become Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) endorsed and also holds the Accredited Luxury Home Specialist Designation, Pricing Strategy Advisor, and e-PRO certifications.

Her classes help Realtors® earn continuing education credits and she was hired in 2020 to write, produce, and edit 17 micro-courses for the Center for Realtor Education. She currently serves on the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Green REsource Council Advisory Board, was appointed to NAR's Sustainability Advisory Committe and elected to the Arizona Association of Realtors Board of Directors in 2019. She has been featured in the media for her research and helped edit the manuals for the GREEN Designation- her favorite class to teach.


Volunteer leadership on 19 North Community Advisory Board and Madison Simis Green Team

She has a Masters Degree in Education and Bachelors in Business and Communication from Arizona State University. She is one of only 8 people in Arizona to hold the LEED AP-Homes designation & her training also includes passing the Appraisal Institute’s Course and Exam on Residential and Commercial Valuation of Solar.

Camp served as secretary of the Central Branch Board for the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC AZ) and was formerly Arizona’s advocate for the Residential Green Building Committee. During her six years of volunteer service Camp hosted events on high-performance home valuation, green home financing & certifications. She is currently an USGBC Pro-Reviewer, evaluating online educational content.

Greenhab is a sister company and has certified green homes, including a net-zero home remodel in Tempe. Camp has been recognized for her dedication to raising awareness and volunteer efforts with the EverGreen Award from NAR and the Environmental Stewardship Award from Keep AZ Beautiful. She was also voted Arizona’s ‘Top Green Realtor’ in the 2015 Natural Choice Awards and has successfully written 3 education-based grants. She founded a 501(c)3 non-profit in 2016 called Sustainable Real Estate Education and the Smart Growth Summit was it's first event attended by Mayor Kate Gallego. She loves kids, dogs, education, volleball, travel, repurposed anything, literacy & volunteering. She cares.

Hello! Nice to meet you.

Licenses, Designations, and Awards

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SA628269000 (Arizona Sales Agent)

I14-0112 (Arizona School Administrator)

I11-0026 (Arizona Instructor)

10558899 (LEED AP-Homes)


Designations & Certifications

Realtor, GREEN

ABR (Accredited Buyer's Representative)

C2EX (Committment to Excellence)


PSA (Pricing Strategy Advisor)


Awards & Grants

Pearl Certification Featured Agent Partner

HomeSmart Diamond Club Award for Sales Volume

National Association of Realtors EverGreen Award

Arizona's Top Green Realtor in AZ Natural Choice Awards by Natural Awakenings

Keep Arizona Beautiful Environmental Stewardship Award

USGBC Green Apple Day of Service

VTech Learning Grant


Detailed Bio:


Survied a pandemic with 4 kids at home 24/7

LEED Accredited Professional (AP) - Homes

LEED Green Associate (GA)

GREEN Designation

Accredited Buyers Representative, ABR Designation

Pricing Strategy Advisor, PSA

Performance Management Network, PMN

Women's Council of REALTORS


C2EX, Commitment to Excellence

Accredited Luxury Home Specialist

Elite Education Real Estate School Administrator

Elite Education Real Estate School Instructor

203K Loan Specialist

RES.NET REO Certification

Appraisal Institute Residential & Commercial

Valuation of Solar Exam Pass

If we build it they will come, but they are already here.

By:  Melisa Camp August 15, 2019 AZ Capitol Times Opinion 


Everywhere I go, no matter what time of day, I seem to be stuck in traffic. Phoenix is growing but our roads are not. When my four kids and I drive through town, we play a game to try to count how many different state license plates we see on the roads. Typically, we see 3 to 5 out-of-state plates any place we go. If we don’t do anything about our current infrastructure it’s going to be like living in California here soon and not in a good way.


We are now in an age of climate refugees and a large corporations coming to Phoenix because we don’t have a lot of the severe natural disasters destroying our City like floods, hurricanes, tropical storms, mudslides, earthquakes, and drought. We are going to continue to be a magnet for people and businesses relocating even though it is getting hotter here than ever before.


This is especially true when coupled with the fact that we have a strong housing market and booming job market. Statistically speaking, yesterday Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service, or ARMLS, had the lowest number of active listings I’ve ever seen in 11 years of being an agent. We’ve got shrinking inventory. Lack of affordable housing. Not enough building happening to support our growth.   Read FULL article here:

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Nationally Featured Realtor, GREEN Practioner Profile


Excerpts from the National Association of Realtors GREEN Day 1 and GREEN Day 2 textbooks I helped to edit & update recently featured my businesses. Keeping it real.

HomeSmart’s technology stands apart from anything else offered in the real estate industry! Our systems minimize redundancies to make life easier for the agent and for the brokerage. At HomeSmart, we take pride in streamlining our technologies making it available to the end user with — our favorite term — “a click of a button”! With HomeSmart, technology and SMART execution is a way of life. It’s taking the time to do things right no matter how big or small the task, so our agents and brokerages have time to provide the best services available to their clients..

My mission

About HomeSmart

Provide the best real estate sales experience possible, by educating clients every step of the way, constant feedback and communication, (however you prefer, phone, text, email, face to face), and being mindful of your needs and goals. Represent buyers, sellers, and investors to have the most favorable outcome possible to meet goals.

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How to Buy a Home in AZ

Knock Home Swap: Buy before you sell, sell for more profit

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Solar Sales Checklist


Information you will want to gather BEFORE you list your solar home for sale.

You will not likely have all items on this list, but the more transparent you can be from the beginning, the more smoothly your sale is likely to go. 

Disclosure is a best practice and these items should stay with the home after it is sold.


1. Commissioning Documentation

2. Install Paperwork

3. System DC and AC power ratings

4. Manufacturer, model, and quantity of PV modules, inverters, batteries, controllers, & other major components

5. Name, contact info of all responsible parties

6. Site layout identifying equipment locations, easements

7. Diagram of overall system design

8. Operation and maintenance information

9. Operating guidelines, safety procedures, and maintenance plans

10. Contracting and financial details, interconnection agreements, rebates and tax forms

11. Warranty Information

      a. Panels

      b. Inverter(s)

      c. Storage

12. Production and/or Performance Guarantees

13. Building Permits

14. Shading Analysis

15. Current and one year of Utility Bill History

16. HERS Report

17. Third Party Certifications (Net Zero Energy Building Certification, ENERGY STAR, LEED, National Green Building Standard, Scottsdale Green Building Program, etc.)

18. Grandfathered utility plans


Make sure you hire competent help that understands SOLAR and not just residential sales/resales.

We love solar! Leased or owned, monocrystalline or polycrystalline, thin-film, inverters and storage!

We can talk rebates, upkeep, transfer, and inspections.

Let us take the hassle out of selling your solar home by providing as smooth of a process as possible. We can also help if you are looking to buy, lease, or finance PV solar.

Homeonwers & Agents Find Out How Much Your Solar is Worth

Solar Coaching

Preparing for a solar appraisal

Solar enthusiasm

Goal - full disclosure

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Utilize the Green and Energy Efficient Addendum and 'Silent Sales Pitch' to make invisible features noticeable. Most buyers and appraisers don't have x-ray vision to know about your R-40 insulation in the attic, how efficient your HVAC or windows are, how old your inverter is, or how your low HERS score is. We can almost guarantee your competition has never heard of this form and using it will give your home a competitive edge and likely more money when you sell.



Residential Solar Appraisal FAQ's

What if the Buyer's lender does not have qualified competent residential PV Solar appraisers already on staff?


Solution: Recommend they hire one listed as having previous educational training from the Appraisal Institute website. Then, qualify the appraiser lender selects for the job before they arrive at the solar home.


Intro to Green Buildings 8 hr + exam

Case Studies in Appraising Residential Green Buildings 8 hr + exam

Residential and Commercial Valuation of Solar 15 hr + exam 


Solar Valuation FAQ's

There are no other homes in my neighborhood that have sold recently with solar.


Solution: Use the website trained appraisers use to calculate present value. Numerous studies have shown when no comparables are available this and net cost are best value indicators.



My solar sales team promised me that my system would be worth x amount of dollars when I sold my home in a few years.


Solution: Solar sales people are sales people not licensed appraisers and  cannot predict future housing market value. See options above.

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Online learning for anyone, click on flyer to get started

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What if I have a solar lease?

I served on a task force in 2017 to create this form with the Arizona Association of Realtors. This form inspired me to run for the AAR Board of Directors in 2019.

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Current Solar Research Studies for Phoenix, AZ

gallery/phoenix business journal
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Conducting studies every July and January since 2013

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Listing and Selling Homes with Solar*

3 hr. Disclosure and 3 hr. GBCI

*available on-demand with no credit for individual purchase


Speaking Green

3 hr. General Studies

Green Building 101

3 hr. General Studies

NAR's GREEN Designation courses

Day 1 & Day 2 

12 hr. (3 Agency, 3 Disclosure, 6 General Studies)


Instructor Development Workshop (IDW) Creating Interactive Zoom Courses (3 hr IDW)


Healthy Home Challenges & Solutions

3 hr. Legal Issues


What's  a Solar Home Worth?, 1 hr.  GBCI and AIA

Everything you need to know about Solar, 1 hr. no credit

Triple Bottom Line Your Business - People, Planet, Prosperity 1 hr., no credit

Making your Business Sustainable, 1 hr., no credit

Green Features in the MLS, 1 hr., no CE

Talking Points in a Non-Green Home 1 hr., no CE


Elite Education Courses

Educate real estate professionals and homeowners on sustainability based topics relevant to residential real estate sales, remodeling, and building. Conservation, health, & sustainability are at at the heart of our courses. We promote disaster preparedness & prevention, as well as creating resilient healthy communities and comfortable homes to live in, sell, and buy.

Smart Professionals

We were awarded a Smart Growth Grant to Organize the Smart Growth Summit in Phoenix 2019 with Phoenix REALTORS & SRP


Video Testimonials from Brokers and agents who have taken NAR's GREEN Designation with us!

GREEN Designated Broker Outreach 2016


Meritage Homes, Blue Sky Homes, Desert Sage Realty, Choice One Properties, Home & Away Realty, Infill Realty Services, Desert 2 Mountain, and more.


Aaron Carter MBA, HomeSmart Elite Group

Joanie LaRue, Keller Williams

Learning from and teaching thousands of Realtors across the U.S. since 2009

Courses Reviewed as U.S. Green Building Council Pro Reviewer


Elite Education Upcoming Events



None scheduled at this time. Check back soon or request an event.



















NAR's Sustainability Resource Guide


NAR's GREEN Resource Council


Realtors and Sustainability Report


Smart Homes and Realtors     

Center for Realtor Technology 





Green homes sell faster and for more money than homes without energy-efficient features.


Buyers increasingly search for homes that have increased energy performance and provide a healthier, more comfortable living space. Builders of green homes depend on educated real estate professionals to help market newly constructed or remodeled homes.


By earning NAR's Green Designation, you position yourself as a leader in green real estate that's fully equipped to help clients take advantage of the opportunities their next home can offer. Gain access to members-only benefits and tools that help you build your business and stay at the forefront of the green real estate industry.

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Click on images below to replay past events

City of Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego

Green Ideas Sponsor & Keynote Speaker Charlie Popeck talks about ASU Innovation Corridor

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Take the course and let us know your thoughts!

How to Sell a Smart Home

Use the Smart HomeSales Checklist for less hassle when buying or selling a smart home. It contains many items that should stay with the home when being transferred.

Promoting smarter, healthier, and high-performance homes

Click on any image below to learn more about how to get started on your home.

Smart Home News

Multi-generaltional housing is in demand, for adult children or aging parents needing housing. More smart home products hit the market for Seniors. Leverage technology to help with managing health, safety, and your home.


Did you know there are home security
devices that report to another person?
• Movement (or lack of movement)
• Doors, windows, open, unlocked
• Refrigerator hasn’t been opened

• Emergency lighting
• Cameras and doorbells
• Motion detector lights
• Smart refrigerators will order food

• Stove Guard Cookstop
• Automatically shuts stove off
• Memory issues • Hearing problems:
didn’t hear the buzzer

• MetriaTM watch monitors blood pressure etc, sends info via an app
• LOK8U “Freedom
Watch” tells caregivers, family if
someone has wandered.

For Smart Home Sales

Smart Homes for Sale

What is a Smart Home?

gallery/crt labs smarthome images

Smart Home FAQ's


What Are Indoor Air Quality Sensors?


What Are Smart Doorbells?


What Are Smart Hubs?


What Are Smart Leak Detectors?


What Are Smart Light Switches?


What Are Smart Lights?


What Are Smart Locks?


What Are Smart Plugs & Outlets?


What Are Smart Security Cameras?


What Are Smart Smoke Detectors?


What Are Voice Assistants?




Resource Efficient Home FAQ Library


What is a green home?


Buying Efficient Appliances


Home Energy Audits


How to Have Better Indoor Air


Home Insulation & Caulking


How to Green Your Lifestyle


New Generation of Efficient Lighting


Rebates and Incentives for Energy Efficiency


Buying PV Solar Panels


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Do It Yourself Home Energy Checklist

Ecomom Does New Construction

Pre Drywall Inspection Part 3 Using an IR camera

Past episodes:

New Construction Pre Drywall Inspection Part 1: What to look for


New Construction Pre-Drywall Inspection Part 2: Seal my envelope


Laminate Flooring: Don't do what I did


EMF's and Cell Phones: Worth being cautious


Juicing Detox: Wellness is in